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Outdoor Lighting

At Acosta Landscape and Pavers LLC we strive to provide quality, good technology, but above all good taste to illuminate the homes of our clients. Good outdoor lighting can make the difference and make your property stand out from others otherwise just seen as another house in the neighborhood.

I couldn't be happier with the beautiful job that Acosta Landscape and Pavers LLC did on my home, I now have a new patio and a dream deck! I am super excited to invite family and friends to meet my new outdoor spaces! These guys are amazing!
Diana Musto

The team at Acosta Landscape and Pavers LLC wants your home to stand out, but it's also a priority for us that you feel safe and secure when the sunlight no longer illuminates your home. That is why we provide you with the best exterior lighting with the most durable, good quality and weather resistant products so that your property attractiveness stands out, but also that the path to your home is lighted and safe enough to cross it in the dark.

With more than 7 years of experience, our team of experts will help you design an exterior lighting system that not only highlights your home but adds brightness to the harmony of your home and above all, that you feel comfortable always using your outdoor spaces.


  • Make your property stand out.

  • Durable, weather resistant and good quality products.

  • Outdoor Lighting that provides security and comfort.

Our Reviews


Kyle Edwards

I am a huge golf fan so I decided to hire the services of Acosta Landscape and Pavers LLC to help me install synthetic turf at home so that I could unleash my love of golf and play all day long. Their team came and took care of everything plus they were always super friendly, thank you guys very much!