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New Lawn Installation

For more than 7 years, Acosta Landscape and Pavers LLC has installed lawn to many of our clients as well as provided the necessary maintenance and repair to keep their lawn looking beautiful. Everyone loves a healthy, green lawn; It is attractive, adds value to your home and is also beneficial for the environment.

I couldn't be happier with the beautiful job that Acosta Landscape and Pavers LLC did on my home, I now have a new patio and a dream deck! I am super excited to invite family and friends to meet my new outdoor spaces! These guys are amazing!
Diana Musto

Acosta Landscape and Pavers LLC knows that proper preparation and selection of the correct method for the area are important to successful results from a lawn installation. Some of these methods can be Hydro-seeding, Power-Seeding or Sod Installation. Irrigation and sprinkler systems are also key to keeping a lawn looking great.

A healthy and beautiful lawn is created with sunlight, water, soil, and nutrients but it is by the hand of our experts that they are preserved and maintained to give life to the landscape.


  • More than 7 years of experience.

  • Professional team and equipment properly trained.

  • Great knowledge of different methods to achieve a healthy lawn.

Our Reviews


Kyle Edwards

I am a huge golf fan so I decided to hire the services of Acosta Landscape and Pavers LLC to help me install synthetic turf at home so that I could unleash my love of golf and play all day long. Their team came and took care of everything plus they were always super friendly, thank you guys very much!