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Irrigation & Sprinkler Installation

Maintaining your landscape beautiful and healthy can sometimes take up a lot of time that you could be spending on quality time with your family and friends, plus not knowing what techniques to use to keep it looking radiant can be very frustrating. Acosta Landscape and Pavers LLC team of experts can bring you the most effective irrigation application equipment, techniques, and materials so you don’t have to worry about keeping your landscape always looking beautiful!

I couldn't be happier with the beautiful job that Acosta Landscape and Pavers LLC did on my home, I now have a new patio and a dream deck! I am super excited to invite family and friends to meet my new outdoor spaces! These guys are amazing!
Diana Musto

Our team of professionals knows how essential water is to maintain your outdoor space. Your plants, your grass and your trees need water to survive, and rainwater is not always enough to have them developed correctly. That's why we offer a variety of cost-effective watering designs that meet your plant's watering requirements.

Our extensive experience allows us to continue to help many of our clients maintain beautiful and healthy landscapes, as well as ensuring that we provide you with irrigation and sprinkler systems according to your needs and verify that there is no over-watering that could cost you a fortune. We invite you to be part of the experience and to trust on our trajectory, we are experts!


  • Effective irrigation application equipment.

  • Cost-effective watering designs that meets plant’s watering requirements.

  • Control of excess irrigation.

Our Reviews


Kyle Edwards

I am a huge golf fan so I decided to hire the services of Acosta Landscape and Pavers LLC to help me install synthetic turf at home so that I could unleash my love of golf and play all day long. Their team came and took care of everything plus they were always super friendly, thank you guys very much!