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Deck Installation

A deck is a multifunctional space where your family and friends can entertain together or a perfect corner to relax and find yourself. At Acosta Landscape and Pavers LLC, we want you to have the deck of your dreams!

I couldn't be happier with the beautiful job that Acosta Landscape and Pavers LLC did on my home, I now have a new patio and a dream deck! I am super excited to invite family and friends to meet my new outdoor spaces! These guys are amazing!
Diana Musto

Acosta Landscape and Pavers LLC provides you with the best wood and materials for your deck, we want to add value to your home with a deck that stands out. We help you design every aspect of your new deck, including steps, benches, stairs, and deck rail in a way that fits the style and beauty of your property plus with all the features you need to make this space your new favorite!

If you already have a deck at home, Acosta Landscape and Pavers LLC helps you modify or renew it as needed. Our experience in the field and our many happy clients guarantee us to offer you the best experience, we are leaders!


  • Multifunctional space.

  • Best materials for your deck.

  • Assistance with design, installation and repairing.

Our Reviews


Kyle Edwards

I am a huge golf fan so I decided to hire the services of Acosta Landscape and Pavers LLC to help me install synthetic turf at home so that I could unleash my love of golf and play all day long. Their team came and took care of everything plus they were always super friendly, thank you guys very much!